An Intentional Life

As my quarter-of-a-century looms, I’m forced to reflect on life. I don’t mean the typical “quarter-life crisis”, I reflect on the new and continuing stage of adulthood. Up until recently, “what I do” has been defined by other people. Leo is a teenager, a student, etc. Now when people ask me “what I do” It goes like this: Oh~! I do XY for AB Company, Nice to meet you! Remind me again, ‘What is it that you do?’ Then my brain starts to run this function: If ( jobDescription === “Big Shot”) { get(’email’ || ‘phone’ || ‘linkedIn’) } else { run(smallTalk(“Weather”)} Yes, It’s shallow. Yes, I’m a terrible person but don’t we all do this? (likely not all, but we look at networking as such a transactional thing. It’s ironic that growing up, we long to be able to create ourselves. To leave home, to be whoever we want to be. Only to be defined by our job. As I grow older,

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The Party for Advancement of Humanity

—– Probably Unintelligible Ramble —- PROCEED WITH CAUTION  —- — I was so supposed to re-write this and clean it up, but I’ll likely not do it. — I’ve recently spent some time in the South for a good friend’s wedding. Overall, it was an exceptional experience. However, there were a few things that lingered in my mind. I knew going there would mean speaking with folks who are the complete opposite of my political spectrum. Now, I consider myself a moderate left. Which means, I understand and sympathize with the left and their social policies while still heavily invested in economic growth of America and empowering businesses. As controversial as that may seem, let me assure you, It’s not. Anyways back to the story. Going in there, I knew certain folks are even employed by the same organizations that I’ve actively, very vocally, disagreed with. However, after spending a weekend this these folks. And purposefully avoiding policital talk. I’ve realized

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Cycles of Misunderstanding

I’ve recently finish reading 1984. First and foremost, I loved the book. It was entertaining, captivating and thought-provocative.  Not my favorite book, but I highly recommend it. And yes, I am a little late to the game. And no, we did not read this in high-school.  So to the main topic. From here I will assume that you have read the book. If you haven’t. Stop reading this and go read it. You’ll get much more out of it than my random ramblings. Now onward to the book. 1984 was published in 1954 amidst the Korean War, Algerian War, and many more conflicts throughout the world. After the world being ravaged by two significant wars, many authors have taken it upon themselves to write about government and conflict. This sentiment is clearly shown through other contemporary authors. “We were all at once terribly alone; and alone we must see it through.” – Erich Remarque in All Quiet on the Western

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Hipster Bathroom Music

I take pride on noticing the little things. One of these things are the differences in bathrooms. Ha, yes. Bathrooms. The more affluent and hipster-y a place is, the fancier the bathroom. A pinnacle of hispterom is music in bathrooms. So during my travels, I Shazamed all the music I’ve come across in restrooms from co-working places, to restaurants, to music venues in williamsburg.  I’ve compiled them into a playlist in Spotify. Enjoy!