5 Tools to be Hyper Productive

I am by no means, a wiz at getting things done. I spend a descent amount of time playing video games and drinking beer with my closest friends. however, since joining Startup Institute, I have noticed my free time dwindle at an alarming rate. Shockingly, as seen in my scientific graph, I have found that my productivity level is directly connected with my free-time. Now, I am a huge advocate for free time but in the same vein I understand the necessity of getting things done. So here is 5 tools I use that help me be super effective against procrastination. These tools help me get everything done in a reasonable time frame. They allow for time in my schedule to open up and do the things I love without feeling anxious or stressed because of deadlines. Rescue Time The main reason why I love Rescue Time is because is simple to sign-up for and it keeps track of absolutely

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Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

I’ve recently grew an obsession with The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. I find myself often thinking about language. I believe finding the right words for certain feelings or events helps me better understand the world.