An Intentional Life


As my quarter-of-a-century looms, I’m forced to reflect on life.

I don’t mean the typical “quarter-life crisis”, I reflect on the new and continuing stage of adulthood. Up until recently, “what I do” has been defined by other people. Leo is a teenager, a student, etc. Now when people ask me “what I do” It goes like this:

Oh~! I do XY for AB Company, Nice to meet you! Remind me again, ‘What is it that you do?’

Then my brain starts to run this function:

If ( jobDescription === “Big Shot”) {

get(’email’ || ‘phone’ || ‘linkedIn’)

} else {


Yes, It’s shallow. Yes, I’m a terrible person but don’t we all do this? (likely not all, but we look at networking as such a transactional thing. It’s ironic that growing up, we long to be able to create ourselves. To leave home, to be whoever we want to be. Only to be defined by our job.

As I grow older, I reflect on things that define me. Do I want to be defined by my work? Or rather when asked “what do you do” I’ll answer the things that excite me and bring me joy. Such as making things and helping people.

There other things that constantly defined us without our consent. If we are comprised of our habits then am I defined by my social media usage? Are the habits formed by these tools becoming who I am? Do I want to be the person that constantly checks Twitter for new followers (that would likely never tweet at me or have a real conversation)

Or Instagram, where I work hard to show images to reflect how edgy or trendy I am. Even writing this blog, I’ve opened Twitter and watched Arrow to delay writing the blog.

Now how to moderate the usage of distractions in my life. Where I am in charge of them, rather than having to open the app every 20mins to check on my progress.


Right, so what do I do now?

Really it’s about learning to lead an intentional life.

A life where I’m more free to spend time with the people I love.

A life in which money isn’t a priority but a tool.

A life that is free to build and create.

A life that adds value to others rather than seeking the next step in my career.



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