5 Tools to be Hyper Productive

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I am by no means, a wiz at getting things done. I spend a descent amount of time playing video games and drinking beer with my closest friends. however, since joining Startup Institute, I have noticed my free time dwindle at an alarming rate.

Shockingly, as seen in my scientific graph, I have found that my productivity level is directly connected with my free-time.

Now, I am a huge advocate for free time but in the same vein I understand the necessity of getting things done.

So here is 5 tools I use that help me be super effective against procrastination. These tools help me get everything done in a reasonable time frame. They allow for time in my schedule to open up and do the things I love without feeling anxious or stressed because of deadlines.

Rescue Time

Rescue TimeThe main reason why I love Rescue Time is because is simple to sign-up for and it keeps track of absolutely everything you do. It gives me visual feedback on my progress by using fancy chats and colors. I can even set up goals to push myself to be more productive.

Simple NoteGoogle Keep / OneNote / Evernote

Simple NoteI use SimpleNote and OneNote. Many argue and die by Evernote (which is great, I have nothing against them). But the point here is having a platform that you can quickly write notes and have it synced throughout all your devices. All of my notes are small, quick thoughts that I can go back the following day and organize them where they need to be. For Example, If I hear a book recommendation off a podcast I will quickly write it down and go back to it the following day and add it to my “To-Read” List.  The point here is to write simple one or two words to go back the following day and do an action behind it. I Always try to have this place clear, it gives a sense of accomplishment and helps you quick remember important things.


FluxFlux is a simple piece of software that changes the hue on your screen depending on the time of day. Now at this point you might be telling me “Leo! This doesn’t help me be productive, quit wasting my time”, to which I will say “hold up, let me explain”. Your personal health is incredibly important. The healthier you are, the more productive you will be. Staring at screens at night is really taxing on your body and your eyes. Flux eases up that pain.

Keyboard shortcuts.

I love my computer. I love it not because it’s a PC or touch-screen on anything like that. I love it because it’s mine. I’ve customize it to fit my type of personality. Now personalizing isn’t hard, I don’t want you to become an expert on PC’s or Macs (which are great). But know your computer. The more you know your computer, the more you can tailor it to fit you. Sure you may not sure the Alt + Tab feature to quickly swap between programs, but know that it’s there. Some of these shortcuts will save you an incredible amount of time. Rather than right-clicking why not Command + X, then Command + V to paste. Simple things that makes life immensely more enjoyable.  And there’s no better feeling that to quickly move your computer like your some sort of computer ninja. (I will expand on Keyboard Shortcuts on a later blog, this is huge for me.)



If you’re a super busy person, this tool will absolutely keep you sane. I can’t really talk much about it since I don’t use it, but from what I’ve heard and listen, this is one of those tools that you just can’t live without once you start to use it.


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